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I Have a Massive Problem with the SEO Industry

I Have a Massive Problem with the SEO Industry

I have a big problem with the SEO industry.

Two, actually.

SEO Isn't Magic

#1 is that big marketing names (dare I say, influencers), use SEO as this magical unicorn to make it seem like any business can grab life by the horns, hop up to the first page of Google quickly, and start selling money to those in-market shoppers.

That simply isn't true. It doesn't work like that.

SEO takes time.

Half of the SEO companies we've picked up after didn't even submit the business's website to Google for crawling, let alone optimize the content beyond slamming keywords everywhere like it's 2002.

SEO is an incredibly powerful and sustainable LONG-GAME strategy. Can you speed it up? Sure! But not like the internet leads people to believe.

My word to marketers and agencies: set your expectations properly, or the customers that expect the impossible will leave once you can't achieve it.

SEO Optimized

#2 is when people say "SEO optimized" - the modern-day equivalent of "ATM machine" SEO = Search engine optimization, so it's a little weird to say "Search engine optimization optimized" - is it not?

SEO, Recapped

SEO means search engine optimization.

Optimizing your website to perform in search engines is incredibly complex. I'll do a future posts where I explain all of the nuances and tasks that go into SEO, but for now, know that it's a mixture of technical items, on-page (think readable) website content, backlinks, local SEO, and in my opinion, paid search.