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How to Actually Display Vehicles on Your Lot So People Will Notice

How to Actually Display Vehicles on Your Lot So People Will Notice

Use Your Inventory to Make Friends

This is the lowest barrier-to-entry way to create an interruption in your dealership's local environment: use your vehicles to show off.

For example, the F-150’s marketing is all about towing capacity and payload. It's Built Ford Tough, after all.

But what’s the difference between a 8,000 LBs towing capacity for the other brands and 13,000 LBs for Ford?

Show your customers that advantage by doing this:

  • Take one of your F-150s and place it horizontally, as close to the road/sidewalk as possible
  • Behind it, attach the biggest trailer or a massive RV
  • Behind that, attach another trailer
  • Put barbells, weight plates, or other items that are obviously heavy
  • Use lots of big, obnoxious objects to honestly push the point
  • Do this until you’ve reached the maximum towing capacity of the vehicle
  • Order a sign that says “Best-in-Class Towing: Here’s the Proof” or similar

Now THAT is a vehicle display worth looking at.

Take it Further With This Unique Merchandising Suggestion

No more trucks tipped up on that pretend stone platform trying to look tough.

If you have a direct competitor nearby, you could go as far as to take a used truck from that brand and demonstrate how much less it can tow in a similar fashion.

Put pillows and just a few objects to demonstrate how little it can tow comparatively. Hit the weight, but make it obvious that the F-150 wins the competition.

Hit them where it hurts.